Dog Seat Belts for Safe Car Trips & more.

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Find the right dog seat belts for your dog

Dog Seat Belts Australia provides seat belts to protect your dog and keep it safe while travelling in a car. Each one of our seat belts will ensure your dog’s safety and comfort while travelling.

Why Our Dog Seat Belts?

Dog Seat Belts Australia provides dog seat belts which are designed to provide comfort and safety while transporting your pooch in Australia. Our belts and harnesses are made to keep your dog relaxed and to keep them in one spot in your car.

Our Dog car harness helps in restraining and preventing your dog from distracting you while driving in-order to avoid accidents. They are easy to use and keep your dog in place incase of impact.

The seat belt attaches to your dog’s harness and then clicks into the car seat buckle of any car make and model. The car seat buckle is universal so our product will work with every type of car.

Most customers have reported leaving the attachment clicked in as there wasn’t a reason to take it out, they simply use it each time they want to drive with their dog. With our dog seat belts you will have peace of mind and never have to worry. You will be able to safely transport your dog with our easy to use, straight forward solution.

At Dog Seat Belts Australia, we want to help you in ensuring the safety of your dog. Get one of our dog seat belts today and enjoy all the benefits. For a more detailed specifications of our dog seat belts, please click here.


Why Dog Seat Belts?

Our dog car harness and belt is designed to be universally compatible with most standard vehicles while securely keeping your dog in place for safety travelling.

The harness has many uses, it is simply not for only the car, you can use it as a harness for walking or travelling anywhere when you connect it to a leech.

Pet products like a dog seat belt can pick up odour after prolonged use. For our dog car seat belt, this isn’t a problem as the breathable material is machine washable. Throw it in, wash it and its like brand new again.



What Our Clients Say

“Great purchase! I never take trips with my dog without it. It keeps my dog safe and happy while travelling. I think every dog owner should own this dog seat belt.”Jessica M


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