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Why choose the Dog Car Harness plus belt?

Our dog car harness and belt is designed to be universally compatible with most standard vehicles while securely keeping your dog in place for safety travelling.

Washable and easy to clean:

Pet products like a dog seat belt can pick up odour after prolonged use. For our dog car seat belt, this isn’t a problem as the breathable material is machine washable. Throw it in, wash it and its like brand new again.

Safety Info

It is just like us, if we do not wear a seat belt, our safety is compromised. Same thing does apply to your pet. Your dog should wear a seat belt to be safe and distraction free. Your unrestrained dog could even become a dangerous projectile is not secured and they can be a big distraction if not comfortably secured. Our dog seat belts help make your dog feel comfortable and make travelling easy.

Never attach a car restraint to your dog’s collar.

If there is an accident, your dog might have too much pressure and force on it’s neck, which can be very dangerous. Although we sell the seat belt strap without the harness, we always recommend our customers purchase the harness and seat belt and use them together. The harness will distribute the impact more safely across your dog’s body. This can also lead to peace of mind and you can use the harness for the car and outside while walking, playing or any thing else.


Dog seat belt and harness Features:

Well made – Breathable Mesh Chest Vest Harness Strap is made of the double mesh fabric with the high quality edge. It will absorb sweat and be breathable when your dog wears it.

Easy to use design – Breathable mesh chest vest harness relieves any pressure. It is adjustable depending on how much lead you want and can plug into any car seat belt. The included seat belt strap is long enough to let your dog move in the back seat and lay down.

Safe and Comfortable – The harness wraps around dog’s body and neck which is the best way instead of on the collar.  Just having the collar may injure your dog if there is an accident from the pressure. . The straps tighten up securely so dogs cannot roam the car to prevent them from hopping into the front seat. They can move around slightly and the harness won’t pull against them.

Quick Release – There are four buttons on the harness strap can be easily adjusted to make your dog feel comfortable, which is suitable for small, medium dogs or even kitten cats and medium cats.

Further Application – The harness can be used as a travel harness in the car to prevent dogs jumping out the window when you go driving around. It also can be use a regular harness connects with the retractable dog leash as a regular harness.

How to choose the correct size dog seat belt and harness:

There are many sizes available so it is important that you choose the correct size for your dog. Please see our sizing chart in each product description and image. Please see the image below as well.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of dog seat belts differs according to the sizes that suits your need. It is important to note that buying one must surely give your dog the safety and comfort you desire, thus giving you greater satisfaction when using it. You may see cheaper deals elsewhere, but we assure you that what we offer is worth and the quality material it is made of is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at guaranteed the best price!


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